Welcome! I am an astrologer Gita Priede.

 I am glad that you are here!

 My goal is to help you identify your potential, talents, while maximizing the life and destiny of the opportunities of the right time and place.


Now imagine what would be your life if they knew:

 * How to build upward, well-paid and assess career;

 * A study to choose and when to implement it;

 * When it is the most successful time of property purchase, sale, exchange;

 * A period of life is the most appropriate relationship and family formation;

 * The expected beneficial and when the test periods in the future.


Individual astrological consultations answers to these and many other issues, helping clients to identify their talents strongest hand, use the most favorable periods of time and opportunity to implement both career and personal life goals.

Possible both on-site consultations and meetings internetvidē (Skype, Viber). Regular customers available also receive written answers via e-mail.


If you feel that you need my help, secure articles to e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.