2015 December

Year last month the majority will start in optimistic mood, especially for those who love challenges, trips, freedom and spaciousness. Diverse as the first decade of the month will be the students and the bureaucracy and the law nepazinējiem. Life will be more relaxed atmosphere to people who refrain lions and lionesses pull behind a mustache and find out where is the extreme limit of impunity.

From the second week of December, will be much higher valued business, serious, constructive and detailed strategic negotiations. Mars dynamic aspects indicate that this will be a risky time for extreme adventures and sports lovers. Prudence and observance of safety regulations can help!

Mid-December to help blossom wonders of Christmas events. A time when more importance will be given to the senses and the soul to feel comfortable. Emotionally touching will be music and art activities that will encourage the faith of love and beauty filled world.

Winter solstice during the reign of negotiations on deeper topics on what happens outside the everyday, as to why we are here and now; what can be done to develop and explore their potential to the depths of the heart.

From 23 to 26 date, thanks to Venus and Jupiter a favor will be more festive, love and optimism moods. Communication will be the most harmonious. A wonderful time to enrich the relationship with happiness, joy and confidence to prevail. Excellent conditions to experience the wonders and the fact that love is a choice, not a probability.

As at year end quite a few inspire travel. For those who decide to stay at home will have the honor of receiving foreign guests and enjoy the benefit of other countries in an unusual way.


Good day of the month: 1, 5, 8, 12, 16, 24, 28, 31.

Beautiful all at 31 December:

this time the festival will be truly wonderful!

Be happy here and now!