Kas jauns?

It is said, that everything new is simply well-forgotten and brought back to the light. Do you agree?


Now I have a small child on my hands, who turns every day around, most of the times making the day completely different from what I had expected it to be. And thus the queue for astrological consultations is quite longer. Not even mentioning my social life. I give my thanks to my helpful relatives/baby-sitters and to you, patient and loyal customer!

Starting from spring, large portion of my spare time is spent writing the new “Saules laiks 2017” (Sun time) astrological planner. I thought for a long time, whether or not I would have enough power to do it. I was constantly jumping from one answer to another like a Libra zodiac sign. Though in the end, the main reason, why I decided to accept this offer was the freedom I was given. I had the ability to write the forecasts the way I would see fitting. That said, I created it the way it would be necessary for me, as in a daily use, so as well in astrological practice.

            Planner “Saules laiks 2017” is made in co-operation with Evita Maurmane, who is especially fond of ancestral Latvian traditions, including the usage of Sun’s cycle in ancient Latvian lifestyle. This adds up well with my astrological forecasts. This is definitely a suitable place to say “everything old is new again”. To sum up –the planner will soon be sent for printing and should be in stores starting the middle of this September. It will definitely be available in Zvaigzne ABC stores.

            In June I received a call from publishing company Jumava. I was told that they are planning to release their own astrological planner for year 2017 and here again I was brought to crossroads. Only now I had the next year’s data in my pocket. It was much easier to make a positive decision this time. Though I do have to take into account my current situation regarding my baby. So the only real time I have to do the planner is in the night when my young prince is sleeping.

            In other recent event, I am discussing my potential co-operation with magazine “Citāda Pasaule”. They have planned substantial changes within their magazine and also my part in the making of it. Whether or not we will come to an agreement – that will be decided during this weekend. If I do decide to take part in their magazine you will be able to read my article twice a month, staring from September. As a modern woman, I am very intrigued by “Citāda Pasaule” because the magazine has an app version which is accessible in any location as long as you have your smartphone with you. This really makes the magazine for comfortable in the our fast-paced world.

            P.S. I am ironically smiling about the news, which state that popular people are changing their hair colours and styles. Might sounds unbelievable, but I am back to having a dark brown hair. My son took the blonde ones for himself. Soon will post here the newest pictures.

            P.S.S. Are you interested in the newest technology? If you are, then I can say I have upgraded my setup with the latest Asus and Huawei technology. I really am pleased! The quality is so satisfying!


            I wish you all a wonderful day! J

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